Learning that is Fun for Children.

A Well-Rounded Education Franchise for You to Explore

A Place Where We Help Children Grow
as You Grow Your Own Education Franchise Location

Stars for Life Child Care Education centres are places of magic for children between 12 months and five years of age. Every two months our spaces transform to the next Learning Cycle. A trip to the Arctic? Let’s go! Or maybe a ride through space? The possibilities – and fun – and nearly endless.

The Learning Cycles we create are uniquely ours, hands on for teachers and children, with a routine led by best practices in Early Childhood Education. These proprietary lesson plans include ten themed stations, spread around each classroom. And we share it all exclusively with our franchise owners.

It’s all designed to keep children engaged, team members motivated, and local families satisfied with the Stars for Life Childcare Education experience.
And it’s all yours to leverage in your location.

The Specialized Curriculum You Will Offer: Seven Areas of Learning 

  • Three Prime Areas: Physical Development; Communication and Language; Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Four Specific Areas: literacy, mathematics, understanding the world (science, history, and geography), expressive art and design (art, music, design, and technology).

Other programs include gardening, cooking class, field trips, outdoor play, arts, music, yoga, and a Senior Buddies Program.

Local families will appreciate your dedication, expertise, creativity, and attention to detail.

A Team that Makes a Difference

Our founders bring a wealth of expertise and educational certification to the childcare industry. Above all, they believe in nurturing a child’s imagination, curiosity, and creativity in a caring, stimulating, and supportive environment that prioritizes play as an essential part of learning. They are committed to sharing their extensive knowledge and experience with motivated, qualified franchise owners.

Our Mission:  Seeds for Life Childcare offers a safe and stimulating environment, nurturing children through learning experiences, that enable their natural curiosity to investigate, explore and discover the world. Children in our program develop kindness, respect, and self-discipline. These attributes will enable them to become active, healthy, and happy members of society.

Our Core Values: Incorporating character education into the curriculum will create active citizens, lifelong learners, and loyal friends.

A Place You’ll Love Returning to Day After Day

Imagine building at least 300 square meters of classroom space, with equal space for outdoor play, all brought to life with the energy, curiosity, and enthusiasm of happy children. You can choose from various school models that serve between 29 and 53 young children, depending on your budget, location, and community needs.

Doesn’t this sound like the opportunity that can change your community – AND your professional future – for the better?